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Hi! I'm Garrett Mills, and I make things.

about me

My name is Garrett Mills, and I make things. As a high school student in Kansas, I taught myself everything I know about computer science and software development. I started out with a vague interest in computers, and first got into coding during a summer camp at the University of Kansas. Since then, I have dabbled in Java, Python, Ruby (and Rails), and a number of random languages, but most of my skill lies in my award-winning web application development. I am proficient in jQuery, Bootstrap, and HTML5 as well as PHP application development (<3 Laravel). I love Linux, Open-Source, and the Free Software movement.

Apart from software development, I have been involved in a number of outreach programs. I competed in a Mindstorms robotics league, and later taught robotics at a number of extension camps. I also had the honor of serving as the 3-year co-organizer and technical director for TEDxYouth@Louisburg, the first TEDxYouth event to be held at a high-school in Kansas. As a former policy debater, I have a passion for arguing. (Which can get me into trouble sometimes...) I also love to read, dabble in writing, run obsessively, and sing often enough to annoy most people around me.

stuff i do

Answering Productions

Through a number of volunteer events, I have had the privilege of leading a number of live-production teams under my volunteer production name, Answering Productions. Most recently, I spearheaded the first-time live production and organization of TEDxYouth@Louisburg, the first TEDx speaking conference ever held at a high-school in Kansas. Read more.

Debate & Forensics

In school, I was a member of the policy debate team. With my passion for speaking and arguing, I placed at the KSHAA invitational multiple years, most recently placing 3rd in the 2018 4-speaker tournament. I was also a member of the Forensics squad where I competed with an original oration, as well as a few acting pieces. This experience has enabled me to speak at a number of events, including TEDxYouth@Louisburg 2016.


Largely as a hobby, I began photography with the intention of taking a look at the world from a close perspective. Since then, I have released a number of different photography series, including a 10-day photography challenge, Little Things, and A Miniature Christmas.

Music & Drama

On a more creative side, I dabble in a fair amount of theatre and music events. Most recently, I was involved in the production of The Little Mermaid, as you may have guessed from the somewhat obnoxious photo. I had the pleasure of playing the sousaphone in the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade with the Louisburg Marching Wildcat Band. I also have a passion for vocal music and have arranged several acapella pieces, including an arrangement of The Parting Glass (a traditional Irish folksong), This is the Moment (a barbershop classic), A Christmas Carol, and a unique take on the Star-Spangled Banner. To view these scores, and more, visit here.

stuff i make

Software & Web Applications

For more than a decade now, I have had a passion for programming and have experimented with just about every language under the Sun (Java pun intended). Specifically, I specialize in developing fully-custom and extensible web applications based around a general use case. Some of my past projects include the conference management system for TEDxYouth@Louisburg, and a fundraising and accounts management system for the Wildcat Band during their trip to the Rose Parade.

Educational Videos

As an additional challenge, a while back I took up video-making. Beyond a few side projects, most of the videos are educational videos designed to teach certain aspects of programming including basic PHP development, learning Java with Minecraft, Git & VCM, and Arduino.

DIY & Electronics

Beyond just software, I also love to tinker with electronics and computers to bodge together useful or fun projects. As a student, I participated in the Kansas Robotics League for years and have taught a number of extension camps since then. Beyond LEGO, I have tinkered extensively with the Raspberry Pi/Arduino combo to make some neat little devices -- like a DIY servo-controlled smart outlet. I also just love to tinker with computers, be that building them from scratch, or upgrading them from other spare parts I have lying around.

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What the what?

The glmdev name is an amalgamation of my initials (Garrett L Mills) and the word development. It not only represents all the code and development projects I have done in the past, but it also represents a development philosophy. My projects are developed under a philosophy of both being highly opinionated, and free (as in freedom) software. Opinionated software is developed such that it requires the user to subscribe to the developer's structure and way of thinking. Free software, in the form of open-source licenses, is software that is released for the community to maintain and modify, promoting better ecosystems.
glmdev (n.) -
1. a highly opinionated and open-source development philosophy

2. an R function used to find the total deviance of fitted, generalized, linear models

Recent Projects


wallstreet is an extension framework that enables developers to write 3rd party snap-ins and functionality for your Laravel 5 application.

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